Regulatory Reform Unit

Regulatory Reform Unit (RRU) is a coordinating body on the implementation of the regulatory reform and functions under the Regulatory Reform Council, which is originally the body that monitors the implementation of the "Systematic Analysis of Regulation" (SAR) project.

RRU is accountable to the OSCE Centre in Bishkek and the Regulatory Reform Council. RRU consists of lawyers and economists, drawn from non-state structures. International experts from "Jacobs, Cordova & Associates" drawn for the implementation of the SAR project.

The functions of the unit in the implementation of SAR project are the assistance to the government authorities and business associations involved in the regulatory reform.

RRU trains and conducts consultations with specialists of public bodies involved in the inventory and analysis and assessment of the legislative base.

The unit provides an independent analysis of the normative legal act, carried out by involved state bodies, the business community and the public. In the course of the first two phases of the regulatory reform, (inventory, analysis and evaluation of the legal acts by state bodies) RRU has reached the following results: more than 72 thousands of documents had been inventoried, over 500 members of the working groups from state bodies had been trained, analysis and assessment of 3.4 thousands of documents were conducted, for which it has received the recommendations by the state bodies.

An important task of RRU are consultations with the business community in order to obtain recommendations to the discussed legal acts, brought up to the Council’s meetings. This work is done in conjunction with the contra-partner from the private sector - the International Business Council.

The Unit with the participation of the state bodies and the business community is undertaking an analysis of the administrative procedures faced by entrepreneurs in its economic activities. According to the results of this work will be made recommendations on streamlining administrative procedures.

RRU provides close communication of all interested parties and the formulation of agreed recommendations on the implementation of the regulatory reform with the follow-up transmission for approval of the Regulatory Reform Council.

The Unit is responsible for the establishment and preparation on the implementation of the online "e-Guillotine" system in the country - electronic database of normative legal acts regulating the entrepreneurial activities. Now this database includes in itself a list of documents containing the dossiers on each legal act, regulating business activities. Information is provided in details in this dossier, what kind of document it is, requisitions and a direct link to it is also provided there, contains an analysis (to whom this legal act applies, what kind of problems and the aims it pursues, which permissive documents implies and etc.). Moreover, any interested person can leave a comment in this database on respective document.

The transparency of the project’s implementation – is one of the priorities of the RRU. This website was developed and maintained for this reason. Information on the website updated regularly. The Unit maintains the periodic distribution of news digest by email. This way the Government, state bodies, the business community and the public are aware about all-important information on the regulatory reform. In addition, any Internet user can comment on the legal acts and proposed changes/additions, as well as to make their comments and suggestions, by using the special link to the database of legal acts “e-Guillotine”.